If our client wants a cottage style home that's what they're going to get. If they want a modern office then that's what we're going to deliver. Sometimes a client wants just an addition other times we're hired to work on a complete re-model of the project or at times on a new project. What's great about us is that we're affordable and offer quality service at each level.

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A very modern house of 375 sq. yard with use of abstract elements and colours. The client wanted a very modern house with one bedroom on the Ground floor and 3 on the first floor. The second floor has terrace garden and pool. Lot of emphasis has been on the building form. The building has been treated in unconventional fashion with emphasis on each and every details starting from boundary walls to the pergolas on the second floor, which also form an important part of the building. Further building at the corner is viewed as perspective from the two junctions has both elevations complementing each other, where in the elements are not replicated from front to side it's like creating a composition of forms. The chajjas over the windows are extension of element used in elevation.


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