If our client wants a cottage style home that's what they're going to get. If they want a modern office then that's what we're going to deliver. Sometimes a client wants just an addition other times we're hired to work on a complete re-model of the project or at times on a new project. What's great about us is that we're affordable and offer quality service at each level.

Private Terrace


The client’s brief on 3rd floor terrace was to have a terrace garden for evening parties for around 40-50 people with a lot of seating and dining spaces. The roof top terrace design has been inspired by Goan & Spanish Beach Resorts. The feel of the terrace has been conceived as a space, transforming one physically and mentally bringing one closer to nature. It is a space created by fusion of modern features, landscape and artwork. The spaces has been defined in two zones with central being the green are and either end being a bar area and deck area.

The feel of the terrace has been conceived as a space, transforming one physically and mentally, bringing one closer to nature with the ambience it has created. It is an experiment and a study to create a relationship between nature and modern features, a fusion where they respond to one another. A lot of detailing has been worked out to create multiple spaces in an open terrace which the use of different materials and lightings. 

The space dividing two zones has mound of grass facing the entrance. The existing shaft has been modified by removing the R.C.C. roof and was covered with polycarbonate sheet. The front and side walls of the shaft are clad with metallic tiles. Similarly an inclined planter clad with grey granite has bamboo trees highlighted by focus lights fixed on floor.

To create privacy and screening from the side and front different material has been used to achieve it, as in, the deck area corner walls above the rough tile cladding has horizontal wooden members whereas creepers not only adds greenery to space but also screens the view from the front road. The side wall adjoining the neighbour’s house has multiple bison panels with frosted glass in abstract cut shapes to obstruct view.

The water body is an interesting element that not only creates interest but also screen off the surrounding traffic noise. The water falls through a glass box into the water body which has blue handmade tiles. The structure has an inclined R.C.C. walls where all the four edges are at different heights which gives the view of water from the bar area. The water body above the deck is placed keeping in mind about the prevailing wind direction so that it acts as a heat sink for reducing thermal gain & also helps in dehumidification.

The bar area has wooden members as columns and beams supporting glass roof. The wall has pattern designed in shades of grey. The central panel has onyx stone which is backlit. The panels on either side have wooden louvers screening off the view from the back lane. Louvers also help to curtail heat gain & allows cross ventilation. It also acts as a sun shading device. The bar table has pebbled acrylic sheet highlighted by backlit with top glass supported by vertical glass. A serving counter along the back wall has panels painted in abstract art. The colour is adding vibration to the environment.

No permanent structure can be built on the floor and also the front and rear boundary could not be extended from existing 3 ft parapet. The rear side of the site was used as kitchen and toilet with other services like tandoor kept near it. An existing R.C.C. steps to the machine room was replaced by glass steps. In defining the space, flooring is designed as a transitional space. The flooring at the entrance has abstract coloured patterns in between white terrazzo flooring. Similarly the deck area in the front has wooden flooring and bar area at the other end has Jaisalmer flooring. Rest of the terrace has been designed with 8 different patterns cut out of three tiles placed randomly.

Its effort to create ambience to a place of de-stress, a transitional environment transforming one’s senses. Each material and its relationship with its surrounding have been carefully selected and detailed. Lighting at night creates the magic and night mood which is meant for unwinding and total escape from the every day’s humdrum. 90% of the lights used are LEDs so that to reduce electric consumption.


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