If our client wants a cottage style home that's what they're going to get. If they want a modern office then that's what we're going to deliver. Sometimes a client wants just an addition other times we're hired to work on a complete re-model of the project or at times on a new project. What's great about us is that we're affordable and offer quality service at each level.

NIIT Nocc Office

So far, a majority of offices in India have had the obligation to carry the onus of being stuffy, dingy, cramped, badly lit spaces. The advent of modern competitive opportunities and subsequent industrial boom in India has brought along a revolution in thought and planning of the office space. People now spend longer hours at work with shorter crammed hours dictated to home and like. Given how work environment should precipitate premium performance, architects now attempt to turn the mundane into the marvellous by creating productive work friendly communes where the spirit of the employee is nurtured, destroyed. Developing along this vein Spaces Architects in their NOCC office project. Variations of space, patterns both inside and outside, free-flowing movement, contrast of* bigger against smaller and irregular volumes alternate throughout the project. This 10,000 square feet °like space is modern and minimal, yet seamlessly connected via shapes and voids generated by spatial interactions between the built components. The use of abstract shapes, panels, forms and soothing pastel shades produce varying views by introducing spatial ingenuity through the medium of an unconventional internal layout. The design falls in a single perfect frame that unravels and shifts as the viewer explores the space, or even by simply walking down the corridors. Jocular play of patterns within and without interior sections produces different views.

Throughout the office; each function is subtly connected to a separate component, thus connecting the whole area while maintaining an appropriate sense of space and distance, leaving a general feeling of openness across the floor plan.

The interior office areas arc seamlessly separated into wood-clad warm section with glass walls that unite contrasting arras both vertically and horizontally, connecting wall, ceiling and floor. A tint example of modernist architecture, illustrated with an adept use of geometrical and abstract shapes and panels. This application of free-flowing movement throughout the office floor is also seen in section. Height of the roof varies as bigger volumes interact with adjacently placed smaller ones, thereby accentuating the predominant rich internal spatial diversity. Extending views via the use of curved and elliptical panels, furniture and clever use of contrasting pastels with dark teak accents creates extended views along with physically defining the space. Within the central studio sits an egg shaped meeting room, this abstract globoid section acts as an intermediary through which the interior is subdivided into a series of individual functional cells. With an aim to mix the inside and outside spaces, the architects have cleverly played with numerous combinations through which rooms are linked to each other and outside spaces in-between. The use of a variety of smooth continuous connected boxes and ellipses of different sizes, composed along wall panels and partitions physically defines the space while visually connecting them as well. Although the office is rather minimal in design across the plan, the eye is constantly confounded by the erratic changes in Level and its corresponding relationship between exterior and interior space. Bold use of colours and sculptural interventions induce the viewer into a separate private world. Distinctive and clear uncluttered lines combined with warm and inviting tones finish interior and exterior spaces, resulting in a truly welcoming and unusual architecturally designed work space.



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