If our client wants a cottage style home that's what they're going to get. If they want a modern office then that's what we're going to deliver. Sometimes a client wants just an addition other times we're hired to work on a complete re-model of the project or at times on a new project. What's great about us is that we're affordable and offer quality service at each level.

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The concept is an exercise to study not only the multiple planes but to show how a small space of just 140 sq.ft. can be made interesting where there are lot of elements and still bring harmony between them. The colours were not used as they could have overpowering element by their character hence deviates the focus of others. The experiment continues on how the eye movement moves & how one views element, so we have one frame where one set of elements forms composition together and on other frame some of the same elements come together with other elements to form a different composition.

An Office Space of 10’ X14’, client brief was a table with 3 visitors and a small waiting in a corner of his basement.

The concept is worked out with intersecting angled planes which forms the highlight of design. It’s the relationship of planes which forms and interesting composition further use of light add to the Ambience of the space. The colour scheme has been kept neutral with Emphasis on forms.

The table top continues from wall to ceiling, the partition is in abstract shape blending with shape of tag board at rear wall. the color scheme has been worked in shades of brown where in dark wooden flooring is in contrast to light mica of table further the curved partition at the rear painted in beize OKIOS paint blend with the natural textures used in the office. An abstract yellow glass is screwed to multiple stainless steel pipes at the bottom of the table.

The wooden ceiling in an abstract shape intersects with the partition continued from table at ceiling continuing to the outer space and is supported by wooden members at front. The storage has also been worked out in form of interesting cubicles treated differently in size, treatment & placed together.


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